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TCI – 7 Top Bites

Lupo Dessert

As published in the current issue of WhereWhenHow

Living in NYC, trying to keep up with the ever so changing dining scene can be quite a challenge.  A challenge to avoid according to my Gastroenterologist and Accountant (Its the same person).  As a visitor, I’m finding a similar challenge in the island I like to call Providenciales!  Rotating chefs, new local spots, new local gatherings (fish fry), and yet another new Italian (yes please) are just some of the exciting changes as of late.  More choices normally result in a higher bar.  A higher bar means a well fed, happier consumer.  Here are 7 dishes that made us happy during the last trip.

B-52s rolls at Sora.  Fresh Tuna? check.  Avocado? check.  Rice Krispies? Yummo!  (It appears that the blogger community adopted “Yummo” as the new “Yummy” which reached its expiration date).  This was a delicious little snack we shared with our Kite Boarding meshugenahs friends.  The name most likely derived  from when you pick it up with your chopsticks, it will explode and dirty your pants.  When you pick it up with a fork however, it will stain your shirt.. and dirty your pants.  I later found out the dish was invented by the owner of a local Laundromat.

B-52s rolls at Sora

Conch Salad at Bugaloos.  This is one of those dishes that you know will be good as soon as it arrives.  Fresh, plentiful, tender conch that you just cant stop chowing.  No surprises here.  Unlike the surprise my 11 year old got the other day when her beloved Tootsie Role Industries stock sank as part of her school stock market game.  “But daddy, its Tootsie Role!  Who doesnt love Tootsie Role?”  Same people who love Airplane over Top Secret kid.  Enemies of America!

Bugaloos - Conch Salad

Lobster Risotto With Shiitake at Seaside Café.  Probably the most palatable Risotto we’ve had since the truffled beauty we had in Riva Del Garda, Italy (Show off!).  Rich, perfectly creamy, perfectly seasoned awesomeness that comes in one size: “Grande” (Read “American”, for Americans, in America.  Ok, not quite America but you know what I mean.  It just sounds more convincing like that)

Seaside - risotto

Homemade Troccoli “alla Chitarra” with Octopus at Caicos Cafe.  Jimmy Hendrix couldn’t play a sweeter tune.  Chef “Mad Max” utilizes all sorts of tools in this one including a guitar-like instrument (Chitarra) that he presses against the dough sheet.  The result is Pici-like (Tuscan pasta), wonderfully chewy, al dente goodness.  Add a super tender South Caicos caught octopus (another tool used to tenderize the Octopus), peas, roasted tomatoes, and basil (all cooked in the octopus own juices), and you have another Caicos Café classic.

Caicos Cafe - Troccoli

Grilled Lobster at Coco Bistro.  No wonder everyone looks happy at Provo’s most popular dining spot.  The “it’s a small world” ride of Provo continues to shine and dish out goodies such as this that just makes people weep with joy.  Caribbean Lobsta! – buttery, sweet, tender, with no hint of dryness.  Almost made me forget about Maine Lobster.  Almost!  Did you know that the most important thing when eating animal testicles is freshness?  I had no idea.  And I should probably stop watching Andrew Zimmern while writing this  stuff (PS Mrs Ziggy, in case I forget we need to get a new remote control.  And while you at it check with the butcher about fresh testicles.  Emu if possible.. those look nice)

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Goat Curry at Jerkey’s.  Unless you can find a microwave at the old Sailing Paradise location, consider the still colorful tables of new Jerkey’s.  Succulent, mouthwatering, bonier than Sara Jessica Parker goat goodness.  We simply could not get enough of this dish, and the fantastic Jerk Chicken which could have easily been on this list instead.  A great Provo winter dish when average temps drop from 85°F  to 83°F.  Its 9°F here in NYC at the time of this writing.  You know its cold when your car is more Jewish than you, courtesy of a white yarmulke (sheet of snow) on its roof.

Jerkies - Goat Curry

Tiramisu and Panna Cotta with Balsamic reduction at Lupo (Top).  A heavenly finish!  May possibly be the best Tiramisu I’ve had on the island.  The Panna Cotta with the pungent balsamic was very unique and tasty indeed.  What a duo!  Update on our cold front.  Today, NYC is covered with ice.  i.e.  The annual “Sue Your Neighbor Day”.

Thats all I got folks… gotta run to court… er walk slowly with crutches.  Stay Hungry my friends!

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TCI – What to Eat in Coco Bistro

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

This is one of those posts that almost needs no words.  But there are a couple of things I want to accomplish with this one…

1)  Tell you what to eat in Coco Bistro, Provo’s favorite dining establishment among tourists and residents ages 16-110

2)  Showcase my newfound Food Photography skills!

So lets take a moment and admire look at the pictures first.  You like?  You Welcome!  Would you say they are Brilliant?!?  Yes, I’m getting better at this photography thing.  But before you hire me for your son’s Bar Mitzvah, I should tell you something… I’m very expensive, and they are not exactly mine.

I remember my first visit to Coco Bistro, about 8 years ago.  Coco the resident cat was like a young cadet moving ever so swiftly with a purpose.  A colorful pepper soup was the popular item back then.  Now, a well fed Coco, the size of an average Staten Islander, just walks around at a much slower pace like one of the partners.  The pepper soup is long gone, a fantastic lobster bisque is in (while not featured here, it is indeed good), and a fun menu to boot.

Since this is Provo’s most popular spot, I see this question often.  Whats good here.  From past experiences, and simply hanging out on the message boards,  I came up with this short list.


Caesar Salad – Bacon, Croutons, Anchovy filets and Fresh Shaved Parmesan Cheese in a Spicy Dressing.  The description on the menu ends with “(no wimps please)” which is the main reason I never actually had it.  Yesterday, we had a cheap holiday party (we do it well into January – food highlight was the tortillas) and I wimped out of the mechanical bull ride.  Look, its not Obama-care friendly is all I’m saying.  With that said, I’ve seen too many Caesar Salad fans rave about this particular one.

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Ahi Tuna Sashimi – Fresh Tuna served on a Crispy Tortilla with Red Onions, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Scallion, Tobiko, Fresh Cilantro and a Wasabi Mayo.  This is perhaps my favorite item on the menu.   Just a glorious concoction of fresh tuna, veggies and wasabi mayo that perfect compliment.  Simply divine!

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Spicy Lobster Soft Tacos – Fresh Guacamole , Sour Cream and a Pineapple Tomato Salsa.  This is one of the new kids on the block which I tried on my last trip and obviously enjoyed it enough to include it here.

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios


Roast Lamb Rack – Herb Crust and as of this writing with Sweet Potato Mash, Buttered Carrots and Broccoli, Beet Root Paint and a Caicos Lager Onion Sauce.  Expertly cooked, perfectly seasoned, meaty, herby, rack of lamb.  Get it, or we are no longer friends.

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Grilled Lobster – Jasmine Rice, Snow Peas and Garlic Lemon Butter.  I must confess grilled Caribbean lobster normally just doesn’t do it for me.  Its very often a tad dry, and/or uneventful.  This one is moist, buttery, and very eventful.

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios


Coco Bistro’s Famous Coconut Pie – Fresh Cream and a Medley of Sweet Sauces.  Need I say more.  Its right there in the name “Famous”.  Like “Shlomo’s Famous Falafel”, you simply have to try it at least once.  Its not only addictive, but large enough to feed a small Armenian village

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

Courtesy of Brilliant Studios

For your Island photo needs visit Brilliant Studios

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