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  1. Eric Igor Chertkov

    Very Nice reviews……..keep it up

  2. Lisa Barr (lisaonthecape on CH)

    Many thanks are in order. Just back from a long weekend in Manhattan with my husband to celebrate our 25th. We had lunch at Marta: polpettini, arancini and the fabulous pizza patate alla carbonara. We are generally pretty picky about our Italian food (having spent the past 25 years traveling to Italy whenever we can) and especially about pizza, since we have a small, wood-burning oven at home and make our own pizzas.

    Also had a great lunch at Osteria Morini. It was freezing that day, so we both had tortellini in brodo to start, which had a delicious broth and perfect tortellini. Matt had pasta (can’t remember which one without looking at the menu), which he says was delicious. Since he only shared a small bite, I’ll take his word on it. I was looking for more comfort food after a long walk in the cold, so I actually combined two sides–polenta and Brussels sprouts. Our waiter thought he might try that combination, too. Would be even better topped with a poached or fried egg.

    Finally, we had our anniversary dinner at Maialino, which I’d been dying to try. We shared the artichokes to start, then each wolfed down a plate of the excellent cacao e pepe and shared the scottadita. At the waiter’s recommendation, I tried the newest addition to the dessert menu–the crostata. Out of this world! I consider myself a pretty good baker and am often disappointed by restaurant desserts, but this was sublime.

    Can’t wait for our next trip–so much food to try–but we were really happy with our choices, and your blog was helpful in making our dining plans. Thanks.

    P.S. Just cashed in a pile of frequent flyer miles and booked our next Italy trip as soon as both boys head off for college. No idea how we are going to pay for this yet, but at least the flight was free.

    • Lisa, it just occurred to me that I completely forgot to reply to your excellent post. What a report! You went to three of my favorite places in NYC. It really doesn’t get much better in that price point. Glad you enjoyed

  3. Heatherbelle

    Thanks Ziggy for your tips, being new to the hood in Hell’s Kitchen it’s hard to know where to start but Mercato certainly hit the spot and we’d definitely go back to work our way through the menu. Also tried Capsizzi which was okay too… Anyway many thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Tinez

    Hi Ziggy,

    I’m taking my mum to NYC in a month for her 50th birthday and we have just found your blog. Brilliant writing, we laughed most of the way. Took me a while to figure out that HK was an abbreviation of hells kitchen and not Hong Kong so it finally fell into place!
    We have a page long list of places now that we want to try. Not sure how we are going to fit that all in over 5 days! Also excited to see you mention Portuguese culture in jersey (the original one) where we are from!
    Thanks for the blog and happy eating and writing.
    Tinez 😊

    • Thanks so much for the note Tinez. Glad all this nonsense was helpful 😉 Something tells me you may like City Sandwich. Not only great sandwiches but the Portuguese owner is quite a character. Tell him Ziggy sent you. Also take a look at Lupulo and Aldea for more Portuguese Fair tho I’m not madly in love with them. Happy Planning. Cheers

  5. Marjorie Welish

    May I kindly suggest that informing your enthusiasm is an activism we all need.

    Would you be interested in hearing from readers on under-appreciated family-owned bistros and restaurants they patronize? Lima’s Taste in the West Village has good Peruvian bronzino with vegetable s and a shrimp and scallop dish worth trying. Fresh and with character, the dishes are genuine. Stikes against popularity are that the waiter does not smile –so is interpreted by Americans as off-putting–as though this matters! Second is cash only. this,, too, should not be a major deficit.

  6. Hi Ziggy. I have been reading your posts on Turks and wondering where you stay then I scan to the bottom and it looks like our view from seven stars resort! We have discovered the island and have been back every April for our 7th year in a row! We have our routine and restaurants we love too! We did get mad the year we went to Caicos cafe and the huge shrimp dish we had the year before was gone…as well as the owners. We have not been back but have discovered via Venetto and a few other spots we like to go to. Will you be there in April 2016? DC to tci.

    • That was “Shrimp Caicos” at the old Caicos Café owned by Pierrick who now operates Le Bouchon with his son. I was mad too at first, but now the new Caicos Café is by far my favorite restaurant on the island. Via Veneto while more authentic menu wise, isn’t at the same level of cooking in my view.
      Coincidentally we’ll be there the last week of April. If you are there as well, ask Ken or just about anyone (don, lela) to introduce us if I’m around

  7. Cas

    I am so excited to come across your blog as I am making a trip to NYC next weekend with my sisters, and we are definitely looking for local recommendations. A question that keeps coming to mind though – I don’t have the slightest idea how to pronounce the majority of the menu items in so many of the different places you write about. How much will that to the servers/operators of these places? While we will be tourists, we don’t want to be awful tourists! Also, we are staying in Midtown because of a Hotwire deal – are there any Friday happy hour spots? Thanks so much!

  8. Madonna

    Thanks so much for all your help planning our trip to Italy! Besides enjoying the reads… you along with several others ensured our trip was amazing!

  9. Aaron Clouter


    I stumbled upon your blog looking for good cheap eats while in NY. I will be in the Midtown West area for a couple of days at the end of the month. I am having a hard time sifting through all of the google results of a large city. I am from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Anyways my friends and I are looking for a All you can eat Sushi and All you can eat wings. Good bang for your buck and decent quality for sushi, would prefer a restaurant that has sashimi as well. Thanks in advance if you are able to help

    • Hi Aaron, I’m sorry but I dont know such places. They do exist as you can see with google, but I just dont do them

  10. Jamie Albero

    Help Ziggy
    I am staying at the Staybridge suites on 40th St. I want a good steak for $25. Where should I go?

    • Tough to say. Good steak in NYC is roughly double that. But try the $28 sliced steak at Mercato.

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