Five Hellish Quickies

IvanThis month on Hell’s Kitchen’s unofficial official magazine W42st, the theme is… ok, I dont really remember.  I’m pretty sure the theme is not quickies, but sounds like it should be one of these days.  I try, but sometimes I just cant match the Eatlists with the theme.  If for example the theme is The Kardashians (it could happen), I would have a hard time coming up with related recommendations, other than maybe Casellula, home of the pig’s ass sandwich.

The list this time is snacks.  And the good news this month is that I dont have to copy and paste the Eatlist anymore.  You can just read them here.  Or pick up a copy at your favorite Hell’s Kitchen barber, restaurant, and tarot card dealer.

And you can see the rest of the Eatlists here.  Just ignore the pussy…

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2 thoughts on “Five Hellish Quickies

  1. Ttrockwood

    Another fantastic list!
    Do you ever go to the Tehuitzingo taqueria on 9th ave/42nd? It’s just closer to my office than the original location- i told my coworkers about them and we order in nights we work late, although i keep wanting to go for breakfast.

    • Hey there Ttrockwood, forgot to response. Been to the 10th ave many many times (maybe 100) but never 9th. If I’m around there I would usually go elsewhere like Taqueria Diana

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