Konoba Pece in Vinjerac

On the way to Konoba PeceWarning:  The following post is more about the Show rather than Tell.  There are a handful of very strong candidates to write the first post about after this adventure, but I cant think of anything more deserving.  Its a rare Location Location Location situation, and not so much about the food.  Although there was nothing really wrong with the food.  We just didnt give it much of a chance to prove itself beyond the one wonderful course that we thoroughly enjoyed.  It could have been the meal of a century, if not perhaps for a group of 40 German tourists occupying the place before us.  Leaving us just enough time for a short meal before rushing for another highlight, the famous Zadar sunset.

The owner of Konoba Pece has two hobbies… grilling and stone work.  They go hand in hand here, as in order to enjoy this one properly, one needs to create a fine looking deck.  I rarely look for dining options with a view, but sometimes you find places that just grab you like nothing else.  There are stars you put on the map, some of which are “would like to”, while some are “just in case we are in the area”, and some you arrange the entire day around.  Its the type of place that wants you be a better photographer.  Or a photographerKonoba Pece Scampi

Our meal included a perfectly grilled octopus stuffed with Pag Cheese and Prosciutto which added much delectable richness.  There was the option of having the Octopus stuffed with nothing, which seemed rather boring in this foreign country, compared to the alternative.  How often do we get to eat Cheese from the island of Pag inside of an octopus.  And then there was what became a semi obsession in Croatia, Scampi in Buzaru sauce.  This is a down and dirty dish, not for the faint of clean shirt.  In Dubrovnik they gave us a bib for a saucy pasta roughly 100 times safer. Buzaru is a simple sauce of tomato, garlic, herbs and wine, making those sweet scampi (Langoustine) most succulent.

The drive alone to Vinjerac from Zadar is part of the experience.  And yet there’s another reason to head there, the red bridge, Maslenicki Most.  This little Most is like the Hostess with the Mostess.  Just cross it and park on the left for some spectacular shots.  Then take the highway back if you are driving to Zadar, or drive to the restaurant (10 minutes away).Konoba Pece OctopusKonoba Pece insideKonoba PeceKonoba Pece Red Bridge


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