11 thoughts on “The Road to Guidehood

  1. S

    Just a blog lurker here. I’ve never commented before, but want to say, Congrats on your new endeavor.

  2. Linda

    Totally psyched to hear this since my son just accepted a job offer in NYC after he graduates from college. The Brooklyn tour sounds great, will definitely be saving this information, could have used one of these tours this past summer.

  3. Katie York

    Best news ever! I have booked for 2 on Oct 21. Can’t wait and thank you Ziggy!

  4. Congratulations Ziggy – thats awesome! Nothing better in life than doing something you love as a job.

    Will definitely be enlisting your services when we come back to NYC! 🙂

  5. Melinda

    Wow. So impressed, and so happy for you. May your new career be filled with many smiles and much prosperity. Wishing you all the best.

  6. howdini!

    Most tov of mazels to you!!!! Are you sure it’ll be as fun and exciting as programming, tho?

  7. Erica Murdoch

    Fantastic! This is your time! Next time I’m in New York…..Donthey run tours in the depths of winter?

  8. Wow Ziggy congrats ! i’m impressed!!! This must take some guts!! Godspeed in your new life and new projects, i’m sure it’s all gonna be awesome!!

  9. Marg Cameron

    Wow….Congratulations! That is so awesome to be doing something that you absolutely love!
    Now I definitely have to come to NYC!

  10. Ttrockwood

    Congratulations!!! What a fantastic idea!

  11. Thanks everybody for the kind words of encouragement. I wont comment individually so not to spam everybody’s mail box. Its an interesting and ‘testy’ time, but thrilling at the same time. Love waking up in the morning now 😉

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