The Hell’s Kitchen Survival Guide

Major update to the guide. Organized, reworded a lot of stuff, dish mentions, Gotham West and much more. Painful read (for me at least) so save it for a flight or a very long bathroom break

Eating With Ziggy

Hell FoodUpdated: February 17th, 2016

“One more block” is what I normally say to tourists who come to NYC to experience one of the best NY attractions (Broadway shows) along with one of the saddest NY attractions (Theater District Dining).  One more block and you are in the middle of ethnic galore 9th avenue.  To experience eating in NYC, one of the greatest food cities in the world, one should take advantage of one of its greatest strengths, ethnic dining.  From amazing Sri Lankan food to fiery Thai.  Most visitors don’t realize that you wont find any Theater District Restaurants on any “Best of” lists, but you WILL find some of the following.  And if you insist on fine dining, why not go to something like Ma Peche, Lincoln, Marea, Betony or The Nomad which are not in the district but a short cab ride away or a nice stroll on Broadway.  You already paid $300 to…

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One thought on “The Hell’s Kitchen Survival Guide

  1. Great! I fly to NYC in just a week from today, so this update comes right on time !

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