Why Di Palo’s is my Favorite Food Store in NYC

Ziggy’s first book review. Best dishes of 2015 coming up next

Eating With Ziggy


January 26, 2016 Update:

My absolute favorite thing to do while on vacation is, you guessed it, eat.  And my second favorite thing is to read about what I’m going to eat on my next vacation.  Instead of reading a book about Sicily, I opted to read Lou Di Palo’s wonderful Guide to the Essential Foods of Italy, hoping to get some useful tips on my next destination.  I got that and then some.  It was especially great reading about the history of the store, and the stories, moving stories, about Lou’s life and travels in Italy.

The book reaffirmed something I suspected all along.  There’s nothing like Di Palo’s in the city of NY, and maybe even in the entire USA.  After just finishing the book, I cant wait stop by the store.  This time I’ll be one of the ‘jerks’ that bypasses his turn in order to be served by Lou.  I need more…

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One thought on “Why Di Palo’s is my Favorite Food Store in NYC

  1. WEQueen

    The waits are just too long. The times I have been an hour. Not really worth it. Am happy with Buon Italian in the Chelsea Market for as long as I can zoom past the tourists, and for a few stuff EATALY. Still looking for somewhere with a supply of Cedrat (sparkling juice from Italy for my Aperol spritz). Let me know Ziggy.

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