No Time to Blog – Too Busy Blogging

root and bone chickenYa, doesnt make much sense, does it?  Allow me to explain.  I dont have time to blog because I’m too busy blogging (saying it this way doesnt make it clearer Ziggy).  I’m in the process of writing the mother of all posts which is approaching 5000 words.  My wife will attest that I havent written this much in all my college years, combined.  This is something that started as a joke on the message boards but also something I’ve been meaning to write for a while.  Behold… Ziggy’s List.

Ziggy’s List, sort of like Angie’s List but completely different, is simply a list of my favorite 50 restaurants in NYC right now.  Well, kinda!   It will not contain anything where you would spend over $100 per, and nothing less than $10 per.  Anything between 10-100 goes.  So you wont find old faves like Ko, Marea, Aquavit, Chicken over rice guy, Nish Nush, etcetera etcetera (Meaning the words, not the restaurant called Etcetera Etcetera which I refuse to eat due to the name alone).  Its essentially a list for the 99% of us that just want something good to eat without selling any kidneys.

This is a monumental task that’s quite frankly becoming rather daunting.  And I’m just talking about coming up with the name.  Other nominees were The Ziggat 50, The Ziggy 50, The Nifty Fifty, Z-50, and Not The Best 50.  I also considered making it a cool number like 38 but that’s already taken.  Yes, I suppose there are other numbers out there but I really wanted 38.  I just grew tired of all the lists out there.  The Michelin list is sort of a joke, Zagat’s algorithm needs a major refresher, Trip Advisor is sending tourists to all the wrong places.  As one of the names above suggests, this will certaninly not be the “Best” NY has to offer.  I’m just one Ziggy, and I cant try them all, over and over again.  But I think it will be a good one.

Stay tuned:  December 9th (or sooner) is my deadline.  But I may start phoning some selected restaurants sooner with Mazal Tovs a la Michelin.

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3 thoughts on “No Time to Blog – Too Busy Blogging

  1. great post

  2. Tanya

    The countdown to December 9th has begun!

  3. Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy…oi oi oi!!!!

    OK Aussie chant there but couldnt help myself! Cant wait! 😀

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