Nargis Cafe – Uzbek Beauty With an Attitude

Nargis Cafe Samsa

8/30/15 Update:  Another great lunch in one of my Brooklyn faves.  You cant get this stuff in Manhattan.  The Plov is still Killa!  So are the Monti, those giant dumplings filled with cuminy meaty goodness.  The chicken kebabs and Lyulya kebab are some of the juiciest tenderest kebabs you will ever eat.  Among the starters I particularly like the red eggplant dish (over the green) and the avocado salad.  They make Lagman noodles but only offer it in soup (very good).  It doesnt look like they have Pilmeni any more but they do offer its fried uzbek cousin Chuchvara.  Wash it all down with the Szech draft beer (the second one, forgot the name) or their terrific Kompot (Russian fruit punch).  Very busy place, sort of approaching local institution status.  You cant get this in Manhattan.  Did I already say that?  Well I’m saying this again.  I just read the post below and I think I must have been high on something…

Original post  9/14/14:

A love hate arranged relationship followed by a happy marriage is a good way to summarize this one.  We started dating awhile back, sparks were flying and things got intense.  But then she started seeing other people.  A lot of them!  To the point of having to make an appointment and sharing her while sitting very close to the other people and having to leave much sooner than before.  Time for a break, and to check out the rest of the Uzbek fish in the sea.  There was Kashkar, Oasis and some other flirts, but I kept thinking about her, my Nargisachka, who pleased me like none of the others.  To quote from the great Top Secret, “she took advantage of me in ways I cannot describe”  “Oh Nigel, it must have been awful” (Rolling Eyes Smiley)

Anyway, in a town suddenly filled with all sorts of Uzbek action, Nargis is probably my favorite at the moment.  You got all the usual Russian/Uzbek goodies here, and pretty much everything is cooked well.  Nice little Pilmeni (Russian dumplings) which I particularly like here because of its cumin action.  Good eggplant salad, fried potatoes with mushrooms which is a staple among the “Russian” spots in the city.  Great Monti, like giant Pilmeni that come covered in a basket.  Samsa, the Uzbek bourek is another winner at Nargisachka.  Last time they had a Samsa special, a hefty Chicken Samsa surrounding a drumstick.  Like a Samsa lollipop if you will.  They are known for their Uzbek Plov with lamb, chickpeas and liberal use of fresh scallions.  Terrific Tashkent Salad (meat, shredded radish, eggs, fried onions).  The kebabs here redefine tenderness and juiciness.  Chicken, lamb, veal, Lulya kebabs are as good as you will find anywhere on Coney Island Ave (plenty of competition on this street)

This is a very popular spot with the local families, and its best to come here with a group so you can sample enough.

Nargis Cafe
2818 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn
Recommended Dishes: Plov, Samsa, Tashkent Salad, Monti, Avocado Salad, Kebabs, eggplant salad, Chuchvara

Nargis Cafe Monti Nargis Cafe Plov Nargis Cafe Tashkent Nargis Cafe Kebabs

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3 thoughts on “Nargis Cafe – Uzbek Beauty With an Attitude

  1. Tanya

    Nice looking food! But omg that Chicken Samsa and those kebabs (yum)…..

  2. Randall Forbes

    “Very busy place, sort of approaching local institution status. You cant get this in the city. ”

    Did Brooklyn secede?

    • lol. We often refer to Manhattan as “The City”, but I changed it to avoid further confusion.

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