Minetta Tavern – Still Good, But…

Minetta Tavern - Pasta ZazaMinetta Tavern, one of New York’s most celebrated dining spots.  Home to one of New York’s most celebrated burgers, most celebrated steaks, and most celebrated “Pastas that are named after NBA great Zaza Pachulia”.  One of which wasn’t so great to us this past Sunday.

Zaza PachuliaPasta Za za was as good as ever, and the perfect “Carbonara” fix.  The longing intensified even more after having the worst Carbonara I ever had at Giovanni Rana at the Chelsea Market.  “The cooks were trained to do it like they do it there”  Meaning Verona, Italy, according to the Rana waiter.  I imagine a 5 year old who never even heard of a Carbonara since its not a Verona specialty can whip a better version than that.  But I digress.  Fresh peppery fettuccine with salty Pancetta, Parmesan, and a single fried egg – so simple yet so enjoyable.  Thank you Mr Pachulia.

But if someone would have told me that the Za Za would be the highlight of the night which also featured me doing Lady Gaga at a Korean karaoke, I would have ordered BonChon Chicken instead and saved a whole lot of money.  The famous $145 Minetta Cote de Boeuf, that huge center cut rib eye listed in every “Top Steak” list and prominently featured in magazines, TV shows, children Books have been written about it:  The Princess and the Cote de Boeuf!  Good night Cote de Boeuf!  You get the idea.  When it first arrived cut, it looked somewhat off and by the second slice, I felt like kissing it while whispering “You broke my heart Fredo”.  The fat content/fatty strips was roughly 37.8% of the meat, and surprisingly cutting it was a bit more of a challenge.  The meat itself was fine but it didnt have much of the flavor expected from a 45 day aged rib eye, and it was a tad chewy.  Compared to the Tomahawk from Costata which had all the flavor and none of that fat, this felt like a letdown.Minetta Tavern - Cote De Boeuf

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