Eating With Ziggy – Literally! All About the Hell’s Kitchen Food Crawl

October 2016 Update:  I’m not doing these anymore.  But as of October 2016 I got a sightseeing license and now run similar paid tours in Hells Kitchen, East Village and Brooklyn.  More details here.

Since I’ve had a few people asking me about this, I thought I would put this in writing finally.  A few months ago I’ve decided to offer free food oriented walks in Hell’s Kitchen.  I will spare you the details of what prompted me to do it, but I assure you there are details!  This is more of an eating meetup than an actual tour.

Here are the details…

What:  Hell’s Kitchen Food Crawl.  HK is a neighborhood in Midtown West
When: Send me your dates to  Generally Thursdays and Fridays are best.  We start at 3:40
Where:  In front of Pigalle restaurant, 790 8th Ave.  Corner of 48th street.  We will not eat in Pigalle dont worry
Who:  Up to 4 people.  Generally best if you have a certain passion for food, culture and/or want to experience NYC through the eyes of a local.  Dont do this just because its free, or with small children as it will not be fun
How long: Allow 4 hours.
Price:  Zero.  I’m not accepting tips.  Free is FREE!  You will just need to pay for the food
What will we eat and see:  Some people prefer to be surprised so I will not mention the places.  But out of about a dozen possibilities I’ve narrowed it down to 5 fairly diverse spots.  We will also visit a few non food related places and learn a bit about the neighborhood.  Worse case you will get to spend some time meeting a fun, interesting local, and I will do my best to find that individual 😉
How much will the food cost:  It depends on what exactly we’ll order and what you’ll be drinking.  Two of the places are casual quick sit-downs where we’ll share some dishes so some of it also depends on the number of people.  Here’s a very rough estimate without drinks…
1 person  – $40
2 people – $35 per
3 people – $30 per
4 people – $25 per
Any other questions please forward to
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