Lazy Post – Morning in Trastevere

When in Rome… do as the tourists do.  Explore all the major sites which can take about 3 days.  But, it pays to stay a few extra days and explore some neighborhoods such as Trastevere.  As is the case with other major cities in Europe we visited, we prefer to stay away from the center, in a more residential area.  I rather open my window to a line of laundry in the morning rather than an Eifel Tower, or Colosseum.  When leaving to do our thing as tourists I like to see the locals starting their daily routines, kids going to school, Orange Yogi man preparing for work.  Trastevere, although a bit more touristy than I imagined in the evenings (those damn pesky tourists) was just that in the mornings…Italy - 2013 2550 Italy - 2013 2605 Italy - 2013 2540 Italy - 2013 2544 Italy - 2013 2557 Italy - 2013 2564 Italy - 2013 2565 Italy - 2013 2569 Italy - 2013 2575 Italy - 2013 2582 Italy - 2013 2545 Italy - 2013 2609 Italy - 2013 2602 z Italy - 2013 2597 Italy - 2013 2595 Italy - 2013 2591 Italy - 2013 2589 Italy - 2013 2587

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4 thoughts on “Lazy Post – Morning in Trastevere

  1. Tanya

    Love that black and white photo.

    • Me too. Thats why I put it first

      On our last day I was like “hey perhaps its time to play with teh black and white thing”

  2. Tanya

    I usually remember things like that when I get home unfortunately. But with your photo you can see each cobblestone. Great light in that shot.

  3. Great pics, I’ve only seen it at night when it was so crowded all I really remember are the mobs of people. It looks like an entirely different place. Enjoyed the post.

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