Dear Diary: What to order in Scarpetta

Doctor’s Orders.  That’s what I tell people sometimes when they ask me why I’ve started a blog.  My doctor ordered me to start tracking what I eat.  Not entirely true.  My doctor cares more about what I should be snipping than eating.  But the tracking part is true.  I love the fact that I finally found a space where I can write about my eats in sort of an organized fashion, just in case I need to retrieve something.  Like the other day when I took a group of friends to Beso, I  simply looked at the site to see what we liked on our first visit.  Or when someone asked us about our Israel itinerary.  Brilliant!! 🙄

Something tells me I will need to revisit this post in the future.  When my wife and visiting friend from Boston who we shall call Milena, because that’s her name, asked me to order for everyone I was like…(insert angel sound affect).  On my second visit to Scarpetta I felt I perfected the ordering part a little more.  Here’s one way to experience the best of Scarpetta

1st Course:

Scarpetta - Yellowtail

The bread –  Still one of the best bread baskets in NYC, some of which comes from Sullivan Street Bakery I believe.  Stromboli, a nice touch.  This is like a full app and more

Raw Yellowtail  – Wow! New for us this time. Thick buttery goodness with chunky sea salt.  So so good!

Palenta with truffled mushrooms.  Still amazing.  Definitely one of the classics here.  Very creamy, very good, and very grateful my wife does not eat mushrooms.

2nd course:

Scarpetta - SpaghettiScarpetta - Agnolotti

Spaghetti – Its almost silly calling it a signature dish since there are so many great items on the menu. But its definitely delicious and one of the best Spaghetti with red sauce and basil you will ever eat (likely).  The sauce is probably still the best Ive had

Agnolloti – They keep changing the Agnolloti.  This time with bone marrow and short rib.  Last time with rabbit.  But the main difference this time was the breadcrumby crunchy garlic chips. One of my favorite dishes here

3rd course:

Scarpetta - RavioliScarpetta - chicken

Ravioli – Still terrific.  stuffed with duck and Foie Gras with Marsala reduction.  Although enjoyable I got bored with it eventually unlike some of the other dishes.

Roasted Chicken – Wow this was good.  Nice and salty Spaetzle with some very tasty carrots.  Chicken was moist and juicy.  Enjoyed this much more than the cod last time.   Chicken is sort of making a comeback for me in places like this.  Trend started at Louro which delivered big time.

4th Course:

Scarpetta - Banana Bread

Warm Banana Bread –  much better than the previous soupy mess of the coconut pana cotta.  Great stout ice cream.

Chocolate cake – very good

Only problem was wait between courses was far from even and too rushed at times.  They gave us 10 seconds to enjoy the great bread basket before bringing the apps.  And the third course was brought in as soon as they took the plates.

Nevertheless Dear Diary, a perfect meal.  Looking forward to next visit where I try nothing new

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One thought on “Dear Diary: What to order in Scarpetta

  1. gigi205

    One of our favorites places….owe you one there… G

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