Las Vegas Eats – Todd English P.U.B

The perfect place to go straight from the airport with the luggage.  Especially if you traveling with a bad wheel.  You know, one of your carry-on wheels is crooked and as you walk with it, it wobbles uncontrollably, as if something is hiding in there and people are staring at it waiting for that something to come out any minute.  And you are debating whether to just carry it but then discover if you get it closer to the ground you are more or less good but then have to explain to everyone your bad back.  You know, that one.  Even Martha Stewart who flew with us couldn’t save it but put a delightful tassel around the wheel

Anyway, nice beer, great food, a booth, Todd English food – that’s all you need after a long flight (anything longer than 2 with a terrified wife is long).

Todd English P.U.B

We sampled some surprisingly terrific Pastrami, carved thick and generous (this is half a portion) and served with your choice of spreads.  We got the mustard trio and the truffle mayo (very nice).  Really enjoyed this dish.  And their popular Junk Chips formerly known as Dirty chips since supposedly some people complained about the name?  Say What?  Nice nacho chips with melted blue cheese just enough to give it some tanginess without overwhelming.

Todd English P.U.B - Dirty chips

Combine that with a very impressive beer menu, and I’ll take it over the Vegas buffet any day.  Even with a bad wheel.  We tried to come back (in Aria btw) later during the weekend only to find more than a 30 minute wait.  As far as decent pub food in the area this is perhaps as good as it gets.  Highly recommend especially the Pastrami

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2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Eats – Todd English P.U.B

  1. Hummus Whisperer

    Any vegetarian options?

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