Israel in Pictures – Jerusalem

Day 6 (continues) – Arrival

To the tunes of “Yerushalaim Shel Zahav” and Matisyahu, we entered beautiful Jerusalem.  We settled in at the Dan Panorama and moved on to the Kotel, for the tunnel tour at 20:00.  In order to understand the importance of the western wall, the Kotel tunnel tour is an absolute must.

JerusalemThe KotelThe Kotel tunnel

Day 7 – Ir David and old city

The city of David is where it all started.  As you walk around the remains of ancient Jerusalem even a month after this post chances are you will see new excavated discoveries.   The main attraction here is walking through Hezekiah’s water tunnel, ancient’s Jerusalem’s main water supply.  This is a nice challenge for the claustrophobic as it gets narrow and low in places.  You will need flashlights (which you can purchase in the gift shop) in this 40 minute walk.

We also saw Robinson’s Arch, Davidson Center (all near Ir David) and finally got some quality time at the Kotel before seeing the rest of the jewish quarter and the colorful shuk.

View from City of David  Hezekiah’s TunnelRobinson's ArchKotelShuk

Day 8 – Masada and the Dead Sea

If there’s one place in Israel that is a must, Masada may be the one.  Not only you have the spectacular remains and the views but you also see the great story of the revolt unfold.

Cant the say the same about the Dead Sea.  I couldnt wait to get out of there to be honest.  Best part of the visit was lunch in Crown Plaza.MasadaMasadaDead Sea  The light show at the tower of David museum capped another fantastic day

Day 9 – Yad Vashem, Mahane Yehuda, Eretz Bereishit

Yad Vashem was moving to say the least.  I cant quite put the experience into words and I will not.

After a short stroll in the nearby Ein Keren neighborhood we visited Mahane Yehuda food market.  The most famous food market in Israel.   You need to come hungry to this.  We spent the evening in Eretz Bereishit (Genesis land) where we had the total biblical experience.  Well, almost.  I dont believe Ambulances were invented yet.

Yad VashemMahane YehudaEretz BereishitEretz BereishitDay 10 – Israel museum, Dig for a day

Israel’s top museum was one of the most unique museums I’ve ever seen.  The shrine of the book and its dead sea scrolls and the model of second temple ancient Jerusalem worth the price of admission alone.

After a short visit to the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) we said goodbye to Jerusalem and headed to Bein Guvrin Israel Museum

Israel MuseumIsrael MuseumShrine of the bookKneset MenorahDig for a day in Beit Guvrin


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2 thoughts on “Israel in Pictures – Jerusalem

  1. superb photos….you have captured so much of what Israel is….just wonderful! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jane! As you can see I’m not much of a photographer. Anything superb is purely coincidental 😛

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