Where to Park in Tuscany

Lucca – Parcheggio lot,  While we havent actually parked here since we stayed overnight and were able to park at our hotel, here’s the most convenient place according to a local.

Pisa – Park Pietrasantina.  You can park closer, but you’ll be risking ZTL.  Parking here will not cost a thing but to get to the Tower and Field of Miracles you will need to take a shuttle which will cost a few euros.  Make sure to have small change.  Shuttles come every 5-10 minutes, and you take the shuttle back at the same spot where you get dropped off.  Also you want to come from the North on Via Pietrasantina, and turn left into the lot (which looks ike a giant gas station) and when you exit turn right and leave the same way.  Meaning avoid going through the center as your GPS may suggest

Volterra – I was told by a local that some of the lots like the one by the forum are now for locals only.  Either way you want to park in this underground parking lot steps away from one of the gates.  Take your ticket with you and pay on the way back to the car at the cashier.

Siena – There are a lot of tricky options here but this one is one of the easiest if not the easiest.  Il Campo Parking in Porta Tufi.  Disregard the red circle (ZTL) here since you are entering the gate just to park, and follow the parking signs (a right and then a left to the lot)

Montepulciano – The best lot that I found was here on the south end.  Enter through the gate and park on the left.   Dont go past the lot straight as you’ll be risking ZTL.

Montalcino – This is another one of those entrances that will look like you are doing something crazy illegal.  Go up inside the fortress gate and you will see the parking lot on the right.  Do it fast to avoid the archers 😉

San Quiricio – By now you are like a pro, ready to tackle anything like your 12 year old’s math homework.  Plenty of options here but this is the closest we found.  There’s a small entrance to the city which you can see here

Pienza – I left the easy stuff for the end.  Park here…

Orvieto – Not in Tuscany but close enough.  A good stop on your way to Rome.  While most people park on the main parking lot at the bottom, we followed a tip to continue along the city perimeter and parked here at this paid lot behind the Duomo.  Super convenient

Thats all I got folks.  If anyone wants to share another important tip or another Tuscan city lot recommendation please share.  In smaller villages like Monticchiello and Montisi it was quite easy and there’s no sense to include their maps here.  Enjoy Toscana!


3 thoughts on “Where to Park in Tuscany

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  2. Dennis

    Thank you for the heads-up on avoiding parking fines. Had no idea it was this limited. We probably would have been welcomed home with $1K in parking fines! Great job!!

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