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When the going gets tough…

The tough buys cereal on the Internet at almost triple the price…

It is best to explain this with the following timeline.  Some of the dates are approximate while other are completely made up.  Important note about the hurricane all the way at the bottom.

1564 – The Algonquians, native Americans of New England discover Maple Syrup

2002 – Post Foods introduce Post Select Maple Pecan Crunch cereal

2003 – Ziggy discovers Post Select Maple Pecan Crunch cereal.  Ziggy abruptly ends Halva addiction

2003 – Ziggy gets ridiculed for drinking cereal from a mug by his 8 years old daughter.  “What the f%^$ are you doing pops” were her exact words.

2006 – Ziggy’s local markets no longer carry the Maple Pecan cereal.  Time to go hunting

2006 – Mrs Ziggy is ecstatic that her husband has finally turned things around and spends more quality time with the family like going food shopping

2007 – Ziggy finds the cereal in Wegmans in Woodbridge, NJ.  Dispatches Mrs Ziggy on a monthly basis

2009 – NO MORE CERAL IN WEGMANS.  Ziggy goes camping in Woodbridge by himself.  He tells his wife he “Needs to find the inner Ziggy”

2010 – Ziggy finds the cereal in Da’gostino’s in Manhattan, removes patch from left arm.

2010 – 2011 – The golden years

March 2012 – Da’gostino’s no longer carries the cereal.  Their salad bar is still abysmal, and their sushi chef is depressed, most likely due to their lack of quality cereal.

May 2012 – Ziggy spends month drowning sorrows with Halva

July 2012 – Da’gostino’s call the cops due to suspicious activity

August 2012 – Ziggy tries to enjoy his vacation in Israel

October 2012 – See picture!

Hurricane Sandy has hit New York and New Jersey 2 days ago.  I have friends in Brooklyn that are still pumping water from their homes.  If I made them smile or anyone else affected by the storm, its a successful post.   Hang in there guys

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