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Williamsburg – Aurora

(Visited April 2012)

Quicky post to fill in some spots in Brooklyn with another terrific find in the ‘burg.  I may be the only Meshugenah (thats crazy for the yidish challenged) in Staten Island to take his family all that way to Williamsburg for a 3 course meal. 

Started with some tasty apps.  Nice flatbread, juicy homemade sausage.  Grilled octopus wasnt one of the best I’ve had but good nonetheless – could have used a bit more…what you cal it.. flavor.  Pastas were surprisingly the weakest link here. Garganelli with pork Ragu was good but surprisingly didnt have the look and texture of authentic Garganelli that I’m accustomed to.  It had more of a Pappardelle look.  The manager than explained that although they make their own pastas they dont quite have the same  machines like in Italy to make real Garganelli.  Pasta special with crab was on the greasy side.  I love grease!  Wild boar with Polenta was excellent and so was the fish special (fluke if I remember correctly).  Desserts were the highlight especially the Panna Cotta which transported me back to Venice (no joke here – it was a Ratatouille moment).  In short its a solid 4 out of 5.  I would like to come back and give some of the other pastas a chance like the good sounding Pappardelle Di Castagne.  Check it out folks

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