Z-List Update – December 2022

First post pandemic update, and a complete overhaul really.  I reduced the number from 50 to 30, and now sorting by neighborhood.  30 is just easier for me to update and keep tabs on.  Still sticking to Brooklyn and Manhattan as these are the two boroughs tourists and I mostly frequent.  Only rule as usual is $10-100 per person.  Meaning nothing should cost over $100 or under $10 per person.  That eliminates cheap eats like pizza, and pretty much covers 99% of sit downs in NYC.  An affordable list for the people, by the people (Ok, by one person, but you get the idea). 

Additions: Dell’anima, Milu, Anton’s, Nish Nush

Removed: Too many to mention. Some closed, some lost their mojo, including sadly Momofuku Ssam. Yep, for the first time no Momofukus on the list. From three to zero.

The complete list

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4 thoughts on “Z-List Update – December 2022

  1. diane

    Brenda Z here…

    I have 1 advanced copy of the new Dining Guide I can get to you. If you are at SEVEN I can leave a copy at Front Desk for you? Let me know. Or they will begin distribution mid-next week.

    Have fun!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Sure thing. Thank you!

      • diane

        There is an envelope w Guest Services Concierge down front. Says ZIGGY on it but I confirmed Barry Unger w the guy. Enjoy the NEW Dining Guide. I didnt have time to make some personal notes for you. Two NEW restaurants. Conch & Coconuts pg 41 just a few steps past Turks Kebab. Vita at the Rock House pg 52. We have not tried either one as yet.

        SJs Curry Club pg 94/95 is a favourite now that he has a location which does have a small dining area. We do carry-out often. Chef Suresh is very good.

        When it opened Egeo the Greek place was fab, I thought, but closed now.

        Our favourites remain Caicos Cafe and Seven.

        Please do enjoy your stay.

        Brenda Z

        Sent from my iPad


      • Thanks Brenda. I have one free night so may try one of the newer places

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