Wayan – By Cedric the Entertainer

Wayan CauliflowerReblogging one of my faves from last year after my visit today. Yes Wayan is open for business (outdoor dining for now). Adding the cauliflower to the growing must list.

Eating With Ziggy

One can live a lifetime eating the world in NYC, and still will not know a thing about Indonesian food.  The vast majority of those that do, got their knowledge from a trip to Amsterdam where as we speak, thousands are celebrating their fresh Eurovision win with a Rijsttafel (Indonesian rice table consist of many side dishes).  Australia, so close!  Yet so far away (literally.  A little Eurovision humor).

Indonesian food and Rijsttafels are generally not a thing here.  The lone Indonesian in Hell’s Kitchen Bali Nusa Indah was open for may years, and closed before yours truly had a chance to try it.  The constant barrage of negative Yelpers didnt exactly push me at the time.  I remember coming back from Amsterdam myself one year, hunting for Indonesian joints after my lower lip was fully deflated (that was some seriously spicy stuff), and wasnt able to find anything to…

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2 thoughts on “Wayan – By Cedric the Entertainer

  1. So I’m from that part of the world and the restaurant BNI (now Le Sia) wasn’t all that. I went to BNI for lunch and dinner with various family/friends more than once because, let’s face it, it was a rare restaurant; who else serves ketoprak Jakarta with krupuk😆 If you asked for no ice in the es cendol (drink) they’d give ice anyway, little stuff like that that customers remember. The delivery dude was miserable.

  2. How are you doing? I’d love for this neighborhood to return back to its pre COVID vibrancy

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