Babbo – The Taj Mahal of NYC Italian

Kinda busy with tours as of late, so just reblogging another oldie and a goodie. But something (weather man) tells me I may finally have time to write this Tuesday…

Eating With Ziggy

Babbo Black SpaghettiTo fully appreciate Babbo, one should arrive 15 minutes early.  Stand outside, check out the menu listed that includes today’s specials, and pretend that you are waiting for someone.  But more importantly, check out the people arriving.  There will be the boring arrivals – the locals and those who have eaten at Babbo before.  And then there are those with that special sparkle in their eyes.  The same sparkle you get when you finally reach Machu Picchu.  I saw a grandma with her well dressed family, pausing in front of the sign, exhale a huge sigh, followed by a smile (unless it was gas).  I watched a family of four taking their time, taking it all in, with a particularly thrilled dad who asked me to take a picture of the happy with family.  I happily obliged, and charged them $20 (the Times Square Elmo going rate at the moment).  The…

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4 thoughts on “Babbo – The Taj Mahal of NYC Italian

  1. jennyr261


    Great news. very pleased for you.

  2. jennyr261

    Sorry, have no idea why the text I copied from your post didn’t show. I am really pleased that you’re busy with tours. Hooray. (third time lucky????)

  3. Hey, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can accept or decline the award, the details are here :

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