Why I Like to Take Groups to Da Andrea

This was a good eating weekend that included old faves Da Andrea and The NoMad. While its not on the Z-List, Da Andrea continues to be my most frequented place mainly for the reasons stated below. While I wouldnt take foodies there these days, I cant think of another place in NYC I’d rather take friends or a large group. They dont make em like this anymore…

Eating With Ziggy

Da Andrea TigelleWhat is your favorite Italian?  The most confusing, challenging subject since sex education in High School.  Not only I don’t really know, but I also don’t have a clue what is your definition of “Italian”.  Italian can mean 21 different things, for the 21 very different regions including the Italian region of Staten Island.  It could also be a steakhouse (Costata), a pizza joint (Marta, Don Antonio), or a fusiony place like Piora.  Many of the so called “Italian” dont really have much in common.  In fact whenever we talk to Italian chefs in Italy about what they do and where they eat in NYC, they often mention Italian restaurants.  Because to a chef from Piedmont, a Roman restaurant may be just as foreign as Korean.  Ok, maybe not.  But to them there’s no such thing as Italian restaurants.  They are just restaurants.

But if you would ask me which of our so called Italian…

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One thought on “Why I Like to Take Groups to Da Andrea

  1. Bonnie Guzman

    Love DaAndrea. Hit this place every time I am in NYC.

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