15 Shades of Caicos Café

Going to TCI anytime soon? Here’s all you need to know.
You welcome!

Eating With Ziggy

Caicos Cafe - Tuna TartarLadies and gents, brace yourself.  Its the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Ever since you discovered the Turkey and Cascos Islands as your co-workers call them (“You back… how was Turkey and Cascos”), the question you always wanted to ask but were too afraid for some reason;  What to order at Caicos Café, the top restaurant in Providenciales.  If you agree, great.  If you disagree, even better.  You just need a little help that’s all.

Although I live 1300 miles away, and have a serious eating disorder (NYC did this to me), I’ve written about Caicos Café more than any other restaurant in the world (trying to sound dramatic, but really it doesn’t mean anything.  I could have said NY but I chose not to).  I’ve written stories, reviews, blog posts, mentioned them in every WWH Seven dishes column, and children books (“Goodnight Grouper”).  So instead of writing yet another boring blog post about our recent meals…

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2 thoughts on “15 Shades of Caicos Café

  1. Pattyo

    Really enjoy your blog. Is our go to guide for dining. Here in Turks right now and we are following your itinerary to the “Z”……Now my thoughts……Regarding Caicos Cafe, you made the comment ” you don’t believe this place will be around for long.” I TOTALLY agree. Underwhelming meal last night to say the least. The Caesar salad was good but the grouper ravioli wouldn’t know flavor if it slapped it in the face! My husband had the black pasta. It was abysmal! (He had the calamari appetizer and felt it so-so) It’s obvious they just don’t care! Years ago this was our must go to place. Like yourself, we would go twice per trip. NO MORE! It’s just maddening with all the amazing dining on the island. You just hate to waste an evening when one restaurant is better than the next in TCI. UGH!

    • Ouch, well that sucks! My comment that it may not stay around too long was for different reasons, but this is interesting to hear. Maybe an off night who knows. Problem with eliminating it entirely is that there’s not a whole lot of competition in the same no-resort category. I’ve had way too many such meals in other places, and so yeah I understand, not what you want on vacation

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