Capizzi – Fughetaboutit!

Staten Island readers (both of them) can now rejoice. Capizzi of Staten Island is now a reality, and what delicious reality it is. Same great pizza, same friendly smiles, same napkins, even the same antique fridge as Capizzi in Hell’s Kitchen. This is the old La Bella location on Hylan Blvd near Armstrong. And if you still have not visited the HK branch, what are you waiting for. The not your average Pepperoni alone is reason enough to come

Eating With Ziggy

CapizziI figured the best way to express myself this time around would be by sharing the latest clinical results from my team of doctors.  The monthly report is normally 38-50 pages long but here I will just share the “thoughts” pie chart on page 17.  The chart varies from month to month but the big players are more or less constant.  And since my Islanders were ousted last night, I expect Hockey to be replaced by sex, pasta or a combination of sorts very soon.  But as you can see, I do think about pizza often.  I recently had to impose a limit on my pizza intakes and now I’m down to just twice a month.  So when I have a bad one on occasion, I do get cranky a little.  I need to make it count.

meta-chartAnd so to make it count I either go to Don Antonio or Capizzi these days.  Sure a slice…

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