Fan Mail

One of the unexpected joys of being a popular blogger is reading all the various fan mail one receives as a result.  I never shared any of this before because I normally view this sort of thing as private matter.  But lately, the amount, and the sheer magnitude of the love portrayed in those letters is inspiring and uplifting.  And while sharing some of them with you readers, I can only hope that you may find inspiration as well.  To protect the privacy of the fans, I will only repeat the first few lines, the most important ones, along with my response…

“Jenny26 wants a booty call” – See what I mean by “Uplifting”?  I’m most touched by this, especially since I never met this person

“Ziggy Brazilian girls Have Recently Viewed Your Profile” – Thank you! I worked very hard on that profile and I’m glad Brazilian fans viewed it.

“Natalia Wants to Mary You” – If you are new to blogging, you may be experiencing doubts at this point.  This should help you erase them.  For some reason the Russian fans go straight to the marriage proposals.

“How are you sexy? Its me Adriana you remember me from Facebook? I saw your pictures today and you’re CUTE!”  Of course I remember you Adriana, dont be silly.  But I have to ask you one last time to please stop emailing me (You also mistakenly sent one to Mrs Z looks like).  What happened in the Finger Lakes stays in Finger Lakes.  Kapeesh?

“Ziggy, Asian girls are interested in meeting you”  Well, this is a little more direct than the Brazilian girls situation.  I presume the Asian girls already looked at my profile, and are now taking the next step.  Again, I’m touched

“Do You Have These Symptoms? Fatigue, Stress, Weight Gain, Bloating”  From the more concerned fans I suppose.  Yes, of course, all foodies probably experience this symptoms at some point.  Fish oil helps the bloating a little, and another fan recommended baby wipes which I should probably try.  Its almost like a team!

“Records Indicate you May Qualify for New FHA Reverse Mortgage Plans” – Ok, so I’m probably not the expert on this, but I suspect that this is spam!  Just wanted to point out the difference between spam and not.

“A Stronger, Thicker, Improved Performance P…” – Yes please.  It sure looks like I’ll need it between all of this

PS.  This is that time of the year where I send a lot of email to Italy to reserve stuff, and I wonder where the return mail is.  So I have to look at the fan folder on occasion.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. Ttrockwood

    Ha! What a wonderfully diverse collection of “fans” you have…!

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