Why I dont write negative reviews

photo (38)Have you ever played “Find the Falafel”? No?  Here’s how the game goes…  You buy a falafel sandwich from the new kid on the block for an amazingly low price of $3.50 (about half the price of a competitor), and then while eating the falafel, you… you guessed it… try to find the falafel.  How many bites of seeing “green” (as in leaves) you go through until you see brown (as in Falafel).  The $3.50 Falafel I had a few months ago won easily with an astonishing 5 bites of seeing nothing but spinach.

The game is actually less excising than it sounds. While I was shaving one day I thought about writing a post called “Find The Falafel” where I chronicle this eating event and name this new neighborhood gem.  But then I figured whats the point really, and I didn’t take any pictures anyway.  Maybe this was the cooks first day on the job.  Maybe the real cook is out on maternity leave (this actually happened to me), maybe they are having a falafel shortage crisis at the moment.  Maybe the real cook just collapsed after enduring a long week of sleepless nights after a gang of the 17 year cicadas invaded his neighborhood.  Who knows really

But that’s not all.  This site to me is all about providing food ideas for readers.  Not food ideas to avoid in a city with over 30,000 restaurants.  Anges from Little Rock reading this blog before her first visit to NYC is looking for food ideas. I don’t think she needs to know that “Famous Falafel” in the East Village (Not a real place) needs to be avoided.  BTW how do they get away with injecting the word “Famous” in a brand new place.  Isnt that an oxy-moron?  There are a lot of “Famous Falafels”, “Famous Pizza”, and “Famous Pharmacy” in NYC

photo (37)This burger was the latest “taking one for the team” mishap while trying something new in Hells Kitchen, and the main motivation behind this post.  “Would you like it medium sir?”  “YES!” sensing that they know what medium is, being a French influenced establishment with a French accent cook/server.  And everyone knows that the French tend to undercook and I will most likely get medium rare which is how I really want it.  The result:  WELL DONE!  Oh well.  Its probably the Cicadas.

BTW, not to go off topic… well actually this is not a particularly exciting topic… so do go off topic.  The Cicadas I see are now dying.  What a difference a week makes.  One week you hear them singing, or sirening, or whatever their sound is called.  It sounds like a weird siren.  You see them walking around together, not flying, simply walking every evening, a cicada Passeggiata if you will (Italian nightly stroll).  They fly into people, really acting as if they own the place.  And now you see them dead on the ground or dying, like this poor fellow pictured above, who was on his back before I turned him around.  He was found right in front of my kid’s school.  The entire scene looked like a scene from Saving Private Ryan with dying cicadas everywhere.  See you in 17 years guys!

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2 thoughts on “Why I dont write negative reviews

  1. vinni

    Hi ziggy,

    I think if you post reviews about places which are not upo to standard, it will help tourists visiting the place who follow your blogs.

    Just a thought

    • Hard to argue against that Vinni, and I often said exactly the same thing. But in NYC I feel things are a little different. The truth is I’m not particularly sure if the place that just served me a bad burger is up to standard or not, since most likely I wont be back to know for sure. There are SO many choices here and so many new great choices that I even have trouble visiting places that I actually like.

      One bad burger may very well be a fluke, or not, I will never know. But something like tasty conch kebabs at your Garam Masala is legit. So I rather concentrate on legit than point the unknown

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