Jungsik Style

Jungsik SteakSorry about the grainy pictures.  Looking for a new camera.  And a photographer.

Part 1 of a crazy B-day eating weekend. Myself, the Hummus Whisperer, candle light, and a 10 courser which was more like 16 once you include all the freebies.  Jungsik was just about on top of the places to try list.  Gourmet Korean?  Korean influenced American? Not too clear.  But what I’m sure about is that this is fine dining that even Dennis Rodman can appreciate.

This was a truly spectacular meal and one of the top overall dining experiences we both ever had.  From the beer, to the various flavors, surprises, and presentation.   A total culinary triumph.

But with all that glitziness and professionalism we still could not help but imagine an Arirang-like scene where they dim the lights and crank out a crazy Jungsik style happy birthday routine.  So immature!

Here’s a dish by dish recap…

Great bread trio especially the barley with raisin.  I’m not sure if it was by design but we only got the bread around midway

An Amuse Bouche plate like I’ve never seen (below)Jungsik - Amuse

Wonderfully smoky clam chowder.  One of the best I’ve had.  I might as well copy the “one of the best I’ve had” line to the clipboard

First course of Foie Gras – One of the best I’ve had.  Certainly the sweetest, and creamiest. What a glorious startJungsik Foie Gras

Yook Hwe – Enjoyed it although I enjoyed my seaweed risotto birthday freebie a bit more which came at the same time.  Supposedly its a Korean tradition to eat this on birthdays as it adds a year to ones life.  Ordered 50 more

Jungsik Yook hweJungsik Seaweed Risotto

Jungsik Salad – Cant even begin to describe this.  Simply an amazing combination of flavorsJungsik - Salad

Octopus – Another big hit.  Braised for 3 hours, very tender and a wonderful soy pepper sauce compliments it so nicely.  One of the best I’ve hadJungsik Octopus

Pork Jowl – very good.  Couldn’t decide if I liked it more without the slightly overwhelming accompanying Blue CheeseJungsik Pork Jowl

Paella – With squid.  Started slowly but was sort of growing on me and by the end I loved the dish and the aftertasteJungsik Paella

Snapper – Terrific.  So good looking I forgot to take a picture.   Hot oil poured on the skin to integrate it nicely and give it that crispy texture.  Very tasty.

Steak (top) – 2 pieces of savory Wagyu.  I think I would prefer with only a touch of kimchee sauce or none but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Desserts courses were great as well especially the pumpkin cheesecake.  They added 2 more dessert courses and by the last course I was fighting it a little.

So there you have it.  This is not cheap of course as the cost of the 10 course tasting is $155 and overall damage of around $450, but worth every penny.  Check out Jungsik readers.  Both of you!

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