East Village Quick Bites and Merchants House

Pomme Frites – First time for me.   Its all about the sauces here.. tried a variety of them.   Mango chutney and garlic mayo were good, organic truffle not so much, Vietnamese pineapple tastes weird at first but was growing on me. I think I prefer well seasoned fries overall more.   I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here.

Mamouns Falafel – Very good falafel – nice and crispy on the outside.   Beware of the hot sauce.   I love hot sauce as much as the next guy but this is “lower lip burning” hot.   I don’t know why it’s always the lower lip burning.   Lamb Shawarma was good but we had better in Brooklyn.

Took a small food break to visit the Merchants House,  the oldest free-standing family home in NYC.   Well preserved furniture and interesting stories not only about the family but also about the poor Irish servants at the time.   You will only give this place proper justice if you go through the rooms while reading the well informative and sometimes humorous booklet they hand to you.   Check it out.  After Mamouns we explored the 300 years old St Marks on the Bowery church and went back to eating

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