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Turks and Caicos – Las Brisas

IMG_7048Las Brisas and Taylor Bay go hand in hand like Lindsay Lohan and court rooms.  This is quite possibly the biggest reason to rent a car in Turks and Caicos.  As you enter the peninsula on chalk drive, you get the spectacular Chalk Sound on your right and picturesque Sapodilla and Taylor Bay on your left.  The trickery of finding Taylor Bay is almost scripted. Like finding horseshoe bend in Arizona, once you get there you are treated with a nice reward.  After spending the morning in Taylor Bay, bring your appetite to Las Brisas for some Spanish tapas, overlooking Chalk Sound.  Try sitting at the gazebo on top for maximum breeziness, and view.Las Brisas - Lobster Salad

On our last lunch last week we had the always reliable Lobster Salad.  They cook the lobster half way and let the acid do the rest.  A semi-ceviche if you will.  The chickpeas and chorizo dish has drastically improved.  Unlike in previous visits, plenty of nice chorizo this time, thicker more pleasant tomato based sauce and nice sautéed onions.  Finally tried their mussels which did not disappoint.  Now that my kids like mussels we order mussels everywhere we go.  Also enjoyed a fine Spanish omelette: Egg and Chorizo, whats not to like.  Another fun lunch at Las Brisas.  In the past we enjoyed their gambas, fish sandwiches, and moreLas Brisas - Chickpeas and Chorizos

As with any tapas joint, the menu needs some studying, and perhaps its one patata bravas away from being complete.  Easily the top tapas restaurant on the island!  Ok, its the only one, but still.  And the view cant be beat.  Closed on Tuesdays

Recommended Dishes:  Chickpeas and Chorizo, Lobster Salad, Spanish omelette

Taylor Bay

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Turks and Caicos – Bay Bistro

Bay Bistro Pecan Crusted Conch

First out of many posts on another great dining week in Turks and Caicos.
Yet another nice meal at Bay Bistro.  Place was packed more than usual this time since the outer area was closed.

Bay Bistro Conch WontonsHad all the usual suspects for apps.  I don’t think the menu has changed much since we first discovered TCI 6 years ago.  Actually they took the coffee rubbed tuna (below) out and put it as a special this time.  This is probably my favorite app here.  It wasn’t swimming in sauce as before and was very enjoyable. Old reliable conch crepes and the pictured wontons still good.  The conch chowder however didn’t leave the same impression as last time – lukewarm and conch not as tender as before.Bay Bistro - Coffee Rubbed Tuna

I decided to try their jerk lamb (below) which was staring at me in the face all those years.  It was good, not great.  Cooked well but not the “healthiest” of cuts, though with just enough jerk seasoning to give it a nice flavor.  And with some peppercorn sauce on the side to give it a boost.  Grilled lobster was one hefty tail this time and as good as ever.Bay Bistro Lamb

Pecan crusted conch (pictured on top) was LIGHTS OUT!  Or until we realized my SIL leaned the baby carriage too much against the wall and turned off the lights for the entire restaurant.  Our Beyonce Super Bowl moment if you will.  The Schnitzel like dish did taste fine as usual and with that “spicy orange sauce” (more like tangy than spicy) is perhaps the best main here, however I still miss it when it was coconut crusted with curry which part owner Mike said they can do with a little notice (ask for it the day before).  My oldest (12) to my surprise actually ordered the conch and she loved it.  In-laws enjoyed their snappers.

Ok, you gotta have the homemade ice cream here and I think I got it down to a science this time.  If you copy and paste impaired this is a good time to get a #2 pencil and a piece of paper. Get the Coconut, Coffee & Kahlua, and the Rum raisin flavors.  The only thing is I wish they would separate the balls instead of all in one bowl.  Banana rum tart with rum raisin Ice cream (below) is always a pleaser Bay Bistro Banana Rum Tart

Bay Bistro is good for what it is.  A nice and comfortable setting with an ageless classic menu that can please anyone.  Or at least until you discover which of the classics works best for you

Recommended Dishes:  Coffee Rubbed Tuna, Conch Wontons, Pecan Crusted Conch, Grilled lobster, Homemade Ice Cream, Banana Rum tart

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Lakruwana – The Power of the New York Times

I don’t know anyone who reads the New York Times.  Heck, I don’t know anyone who reads newspapers.  Half of my friends don’t even read.  I just asked my kids if they even heard of the New York Times… No!!  Ok, they are 2 and 3 but still, you get the point.  With that said when a restaurant is mentioned in the NYT positively and gets at least one star, look out.  To some this is a bigger deal than a Michelin Star.  You may even argue that the verdict doesn’t matter as Guy Fieri found out.  Attention is attention


On Saturday I took my wife and 4 friends to Lakruwana, a Sri Lankan spot in Staten Island that I’ve written about before here.  As soon as we entered the restaurant I suspected something was wrong.  Still waiting for water and menus, or a human 20 minutes in, that feeling slightly intensified.  Before you knew it, a ‘Godfather’ like line of locals and hipsters out the door trying to get the owner’s attention which we so desperately needed as well.  The place was packed.  but then it hit me.  I’m there for the exact same reason as everyone else.  I also read the NYT article a few days earlier about Lakruwana and felt the same urge to cancel my plans (Briskettown in Williamdburg) and go there.    

Lakruwana - HoppersEventually things settled down, the hipsters left, and we got our food, albeit all the dishes at the same time which is always fun (since there was no room at least one dish had to be held by someone).  The food for the most part was very good.  Quite an excellent Mulligatawny soup to start things off.  Good Lamprais, Hoppers, Kottu Roti (first for me) but what stole the show on this particular night was the Deviled Chicken which I couldnt get enough of. 

After the meal the owner confirmed to me that they were simply not prepared or didnt know how to prepare for this.  Still, Lakruwana, with its museum like settings and terrific cheap food is quite possibly the best reason for hipsters to take the ferry over.  Except perhaps right after a NYT mention, or during a festival in Bushwick 

Lakruwana - Lamprais

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Top 5 Things I Ate in Las Vegas

OK, this wasn’t exactly an eating Tour de Force New Orleans style but some fairly delicious bites nonetheless…

Oxtail Benedict at Comme Ça  – Oxtail meet Gut.  Tender, delicious slow braised Oxtail, poached eggs, spinach, pepper gougère topped with a nice truffle Hollandaise oooozing with flavor.  Very original and very delicious!

Comme Ca - Oxtail Benedict

Bread at Bouchon – If only I had a Bouchon Bakery near where I lived.  Did not love the meal but greatly enjoyed this bread with butter

Octopus at Milos – If you don’t add the $10 supp to the $20 lunch here you should be sentenced to a lunch buffet.   Some of the best Octopus I’ve had in the USA.  Meaty, tender, perfectly grilled, perfectly seasoned with a hint of oregano, absolutely delicious Octopus

Milos - Octopus

Huevos Estrellados at Julian Serrano – The most memorable tapa was probably the Stuffed Dates, but when I look back and think about which dish gave me the most pleasure, it is the Huevos Estrellados.  Egg, Chorizo, fries! whats not to like

Julain Serrano - Huevos Estrellados

Pastrami at Todd English P.U.B.  What a surprise off the bat.  Nicely carved, delicious homemade Pastrami served with your choice of bread and sauces (try the mustard trio and truffle mayo

Todd English P.U.B

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Las Vegas Eats – Comme Ça

Our comme ci comme ça trip ended with good one at comme ça. What?  No, you did not enter the Michael Jackson fan club by accident.  Since this is a food blog I feel obligated to inject some French into it.  Comme ci comme ça means so-so.  Comme ça means Delicious!!

Comme Ca - Charcuterie

Charcuterie was a beautiful pork fest.  Every single item had pork in it including the delicious chicken liver pate.  Not a very kosher dish.  An excellent start.  Endive and Pear Salad, with a bit of hazelnut and just enough bleu cheese was satisfying as well.

My Croque Madame was enjoyable.  Perhaps the first Croque Madame I’ve had in the states, not sure.  But my wife’s Oxtail Benedict was the bomb.  Tender, delicious slow braised Oxtail, and with the poached eggs, spinach, pepper gougère topped with a nice truffle Hollandaise oozing with flavor.  Very original and very delicious.   The Crème Brûlée was simple yet perfectly executed.  A fine meal overall.

Comme Ca - Oxtail Benedict

Comme Ça, like Milos, is in the Cosmopolitan hotel which on paper at least, has the most impressive list of restaurant collection on the planet.  The list includes Jaleo, Scarpetta (One of my faves in NYC), e by Jose Andres and more.  Comme Ça le Magnifique

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